• Call of Combat V2

    Call of Combat V2 is a free to play squad based real time strategy game by KaVa Gaming. The release is early 2014.
    Are you ready for the Call?

    Call Banner
  • Global Game Jam 2013

    Working in games has a distinct connection with participating in the GGJ. This year’s admission: the Still Waters demo project.
    Can you survive long enough?

    still waters
  • Alien versus President

    A facebook game featuring 3D graphics. Build levels for other players to escape, and escape from theirs yourself.

    Alien versus President
  • Gamification

    Gamification of the Mamut Business Software.
    Using a daily game to remind and engage.
    Up to 60% increase in timesheet precision.

  • Sushi Shogun

    Can you master the nigri inarizushi? Can you make hosomak? Can you climb the ladder of the Yakuza and become.. Sushi Shogun?

    Sushi Shogun
  • Tutorial design

    Tutorials are crucial for effective learning, but only a few know how to design them well. You’re welcome to join that group.


Engagement Design

Gamification, the Theory of Fun, Csikszentmihalyi's Flow, Human psychology and Stephen P. Anderson's Love Design. All to create the ultimate user experience and engage desired behaviour.

Game Design

Ranging from game design documents to last minute updates. Facinated by the optimal user experience and always chasing engagement. Good design elevates players into a universe of fun.


Humans interact pimarely through body language and are hypertrained to detect human features everywhere. Ever seen a sad circle? A suprised vehicle? Subtile motions tell a story better than a thousand words.


Engagement with a capital E. Bon vivant and philanthrope. As a team player there is only victory. Grand visor of production, critique and late-night employee. There are players, there are designers.

Did you know… Draw.io?

Drawing diagrams and process flows. This might not be everyone’s daily business....

14th Jul

Did you know… PDF XChange viewer?

Everyone who has a computer in their daily life knows what a...

01st Jul

Project: visitors

Bogging, vlogging, twitter, linkedin, facebook, hyves, pinterest, photobucket… I’ve been through them...

01st Jul

Gamification explained by Sebastian Deterding

This video is still my gamification guiding line. When I started researching...

20th Aug
meaningful play

Pac Man the movie

It isn’t exactly gamification but it nicely illustrates the training potential of...

10th Aug

Sight, a gamification movie

A short video on how gamification can take over our lives in...

01st Aug

Advergame design

During my first internship I’ve been doing a bit of graphic design....

15th May
Title screen

World’s best car salesman

GLaDOS, the main antagonist from the Portal series. A virtual, female robot...

28th Mar

Potential in the image

Today I was delving in the mysteries of tutorial design, as I...

27th Mar